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#1 2017-12-06 06:00:24

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Efficient Use of the Forum

Hello All,

I am new here  :P and I was havin' a good ol' time putting a question forth under this or that category, as I thought was appropriate, as I have just started my first build, and had many questions relating to component selection, etc. At some point  :-\ I may have overwhelmed Ari with my questions, in the sense that he was trying to determine which build I was working on, and how question=X related to question=Y, etc. So Ari consolidated my posts (my apologies to Ari for my ignorance in these matters) and now I am not sure how to direct further questions related to my build. The consolidation of my questions/comments falls under the first main topic, which is something like, "Power Supplies, Fans, etc." So now I don't know whether I should post further questions/comments under their most relevant topic heading, or if I should direct all my questions/comments regarding my build to the string Ari created.
Any Suggestions?

Please help.

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2017-12-06 06:00:24

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